Howe Green Community Association

Neighbourhood Watch

The Howe Green Community Association formed a Neighbourhood Watch scheme at the second meeting of the Association, has continued somewhat sporadically ever since, and is still ongoing. Facilities for post coding your personal belongings exist and its use is certainly recommended by the Police.

The hierarchy of the Neighbourhood Watch comprises an Area Manager, based in South Woodham Ferrers, and District coordinators. The Area Manager holds annual meetings with District Coordinators to review the status of the Watch.

David Pearson is the appointed District Coordinator for Sandon Parish. Your Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) works out of the South Woodham Ferrers Police station

The Howe Green branch of the neighbourhood watch operates through the HGCA email forum. The PCSO is a member of this forum. Hence, any alerts that the PCSO raises will be passed immediately to all forum members. Conversely, any alerts raised by residents will be passed directly to the PCSO for action.

If you are not already a member of the HGCA forum and would like to join, please send an email to the forum moderator David Pearson at . The forum is only open to Howe Green residents and associates so please say who you are and where you live in your email.

If you:

  • See anyone behaving suspiciously
  • See a vehicle parked or cruising suspiciously
  • Learn of a burglary or other theft in the area
  • Learn of any scam that is doing the rounds
raise an alert by sending an email to
Note that you can only do this if you are a member of the forum.

Please note that the forum is also available for discussion on matters unrelated to neighbourhood watch.

Your District coordinator holds marking kits to enable residents of Howe Green to post code property.

Bogus Callers

The Police advise us that there is a spate of cold callers to properties purporting to be either Water Board Officials or Electricity Board officers. If a visit is received by anybody ALWAYS ask for identification before allowing him or her access to your property. Also, beware of 'Bogus' callers offering to do work and asking for a deposit. On a number of occasions elderly people have been duped into paying a deposit only to find the 'workers' do not call again.

If you go out in the afternoon to collect children from school and use the car, make sure the garage door is closed before you leave. It only takes 30 seconds to remove valuable items from a garage with its doors wide open.

This Web site will be updated on a regular basis and on receipt of crime information from the Police.

I have copies of a Howe Office booklet 'How to beat the bogus caller' that gives good advice to residents. However, I do not have enough to distribute to the whole parish. If you have a neighbour who you think could be susceptible to bogus callers, contact me or any Sandon Parish councillor to obtain a copy for them. The booklet is also available on the net at .

Credit Card Security

You are advised to shield your Pin with your hand when carrying out a transaction. This will help to prevent criminals from noting your number via a tiny camera over your head. Such a camera can be inserted into the shop ceiling with the aid of corrupt employees or coerced individuals. They then use a card cloned from details stolen from your card's magnetic strip to take advantage of the Pin.

As the chip and Pin system can sometimes make these cards difficult to use in the UK, fraudsters often send them to countries where the system has not been introduced, such as the US.

Do not let your card out of you sight when making a transaction. Also check to see if there is anything unusual about the chip and Pin terminal.

Cycle Tags

Protect your bicycle with a data tag. They can be obtained from Moulsham Lodge Police Station at a cost of 5. You can either call in to the station Mon-Thurs 09:00- 13:00 and purchase one at the front counter or send a cheque made payable to CNW and they will pop one in the post.

Mobile Phone Scam

If you receive a text message on your mobile phone from the number 15477 indicating that you have won a 2 night stay in the Druids Marriott in Wicklow, saying that you must reply with the text '#90' or '#09', you should delete this text immediately and NOT reply. This a fraud company using a device, that once you press #09 or #90 and reply text, they can access your "SIM" card and make calls at your expense.

You are advised to take care if you are asked to use any unusual dialing codes on your mobile phone"

This message has been sent to you by courtesty of Chelmsford Police.

David Pearson - Sandon Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator Tel 471589.
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